Deregulation is coming

Deregulation is now

It will cause higher prices, more black-outs and less service

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  • Look what is happening in California. Their energy costs are up 700%!
    ABC Nightline (Rising Gas Prices, 5/16/2001) and PBS Frontline (Blackout, 6/5/2001)
    Deregulation will cost us all lots of time and money! But there are many unknown solutions.

    Natural Gas Savings

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    Free Electricity! Yes, free!

    Power outages and Rolling Black-Outs never again! Eliminate your electric company! No power also means, no security for your home or business. Thatís not good at all! Donít be left out in the dark! How can I fire my electric company! We can and will show you how to take back control   -  Click here!

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    Want to know how to buy a new vehicle at the lowest price? Yes!!

    Never overpay again for any NEW or USED vehicle! We have what car dealers donít want you to know! Car dealers are trained to sell us over- priced vehicles. We have the information that will save you hundreds or thousands of dollars when you buy your next vehicle. Never overpay again!    -  Click here!


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    Freepower can show you how to take back control.

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